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207-2 N Main Ave

Lake Placid, FL 33852

Highlands County


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Real Estate License and Insurance

License # sl-703973

Expires: 2011-03-31

EO Insurance Policy # 052382-72666052

REO Biography/Experience

The best answer (why list with Melissa?) is to look at her performance statistics:

From 2006 to year-end 2009, she sold more homes than any agent in our area MLS. Melissa is #1 in sales so far in 2010 as well.

Please see our Website for LOTS of additional information, our marketing strategy, etc:

We advertise EXTENSIVELY. We utilize the newspapers, local "homes" magazines, event publications, television commercials, etc.

Our Online marketing is second to none. We are highly indexed on ALL major search engines and utilize PPC campaigns. We work with Homegain, Trulia, and many others (and not simply free listings, but advertise with them!) 

Professional Affiliations

REO Services I Offer on Properties

-Occupancy Inspections
-Cash for Keys
-Property Preservation
-Monthly Reports
-Advertising & Marketing

(we are FULL service with resources).

My Marketing Plan To Sell Properties

Please see:

We have an extensive marketing system - and are having a high degree of success due to those efforts.

Current or Past REO/BPO Companies I have worked with GMAC, Chase, Wells Fago, BofA

Property Preservation Companies I work with (Various)



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Primary Phone: (863)441-2986

Secondary Phone: (863)414-0009 Ext

Fax: (866)633-6485


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